Boudoir Beauty Academy North Wales - Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions
They are summerised below.
To confirm your place on a course you need to pay a 50% booking fee. This fee is non refundable and non transferable and the balance is due 14 days before the start of the course unless you are paying by installments and have agreed in writing with Boudoir of a different arrangement.
Non attendance of the course
If you miss any classes, change your mind or or are unwell and don't attend you will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances and any outstanding balance is also due. You may send someone in your place if they have the required qualifications ( only valid on one day courses)

The ONLY time you will be allowed to reschedule your course is due to one of the following:
Hospitalisation or critical illness of yourself or immediate dependant ( on the date of the course) (hospital/doctors note is required).
Death of immediate dependant. (proof required).
In the event of one of these things occuring we pledge to act with compassion and with common sense. Your name will be registered on the next available course and you will be given at least 4 weeks notice of this date. However, if you are unable to make that date, or do not attend , NO further courses will be offered to you and you will not receive a refund.
If for any reason WE have to cancel your course then you will recieve a full refund of any deposit or payment or a date will be rescheduled to your satisfaction wherever possible.
On The Day
I'm always grateful for directions and I aim to be there 15 mins before the start time to set up.

We will need a quiet room with no disturbances, so please can you pop pets somewhere safe and comfortable for them and arrange to have little people visit a loved one.
It is your responsibility to find a model and if you do not bring one, then please note that you may have to work on yourself (where feasible) . No refunds or rescheduled dates will be offered to you if your model drops out.